A World of Fabrics . . . Right Around the Corner

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Meet Karen 

For Karen, fine fabrics and elegant design are lifelong passions. As a young girl, she followed her mother, a designer and antiques dealer, into the fabric showrooms of Atlanta and New York, where she was captivated by sumptuous silks, velvets, and elaborate trimmings. Family travels, including trips to Europe and Asia, developed her global view and helped her gain a worldly design perspective.

After earning a degree in interior design, Karen began her career in retail. As a designer with an extensive management background, she consistently delivers outstanding customer service and instills that trait in her staff.

Creating a Space of Her Own

In 1987, she launched Karen’s Fabrics with an amazing array of textiles from around the world and a talented team of associates with backgrounds in design or the arts. Awash with color, textures and patterns twinkling with beaded trims and metallic hardware, the North Atlanta store has become a landmark for Karen’s discriminating clientele.